Can I save a design that I’m working on?

Yes, you can save a design that you’re working on, without checking out, simply by clicking “save project” on the customization page. You will be prompted to save the project with a name. When you come back to your Sweet Greet account, find the profile icon at the top right to view and continue editing your saved projects. 

Can I see a proof before I place my order?

You will see a digital mock up on our website as you are customizing online. There will be no physical proof sent to you.

What can I customize in my card or invitation design?  

Any graphic or photo that you are able to edit will be made clear when you hover over the elements on screen. For any part of a design that is editable (you can click to edit), you will see options on the customization toolbar to the right of the screen. Some editing may be limited, such as graphic placement or sizing, depending on your selected design. For foil pressed cards and invitations, any of the foil parts of the design cannot be changed. 

What’s the best way to upload my photos?

Upload photos while you are personalizing a photo card or any photo art. In order to upload new, choose a card or piece of art and click the placeholder image. To replace one photo with another, just click on the photo that is currently in your design to access the file upload window. From here you can select a different photo to upload. You can use JPEG, PNG, or GIF image file types. 

• File sizes should be at least 500 KB. 

• Images that are too small to print will have a warning symbol once you’ve placed them in your design. 

• If there is an issue with the quality of your photo during production, a Sweet Greet member will be in contact with you.

How should I optimize the print quality of my photos?

We strongly encourage you to print out your image to get a sense for color and clarity of your photo. Please keep in mind that due to the light on a monitor, an image on your computer screen will look different when printed. They mostly print slightly darker and some colors that look great on your screen may not reproduce well with ink on paper. Very bright and intense colors, especially neons, will print with less detail and brightness than they had on your monitor. Although your home printer is not going to be an exact match for the printers we use, a printed version of your digital proof will give you a much better idea of what to expect. 

Can I upload photos from my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, if you are visiting sweetgreetcards.com on your mobile device, you can upload photos directly into your personalized design from your photos. However for the best user experience we highly suggest working on a computer; email your photo to a desktop when possible. Do not preview your final design on mobile. You are welcome to save the project and return to it on desktop for best results.

What file type do I need to upload for recipient addressing?

You are welcome to upload an Excel file with extension .xls, .xlsx, or .csv. Please fill Column A with names, Column B with the street address (including any unit/apt numbers), and Column C with the city, state and zip code.

How do I add a return address?

You can include your return address on the back flap of your envelopes as a part of your design customization. When you get to the envelopes section, select “Yes” for the Return Address Printing. The next step will be to add your address by typing it into the pop up window. You can return to that window by clicking the “Edit” button directly next to the Return Address Printing category. You can choose to skip this step by selecting “No” in the drop down menu.

Can I customize my envelope design?

You can select the color of your return address but cannot customize font style or size.

What are the processing and shipping times?

Your cards will be processed and printed in 3-5 business days and shipped via FedEx Ground. We offer free domestic shipping on all orders (United States Only), which will typically arrive one day after shipment.

What paper is used for the cards?

A high quality matte 130lb cover is used and there are no additional finishing options.

What do I do if I entered the wrong shipping address?

Please contact us via phone or email to change your shipping address as soon as possible. If we are able to edit it prior to the processing time we will make sure to reroute them to you. Contact us at 818-732-8302 or info@sweetgreetcards.com

Cancellation and Return Policy

Please note that there are no cancellations or returns once a custom design order has been placed. Thank you!